Our team

Digne Consult The Netherlands

  • Jacqueline Weesie

    "The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention"

    Founder of Weesie Consult bv and Digne Consult bv with branches in the Netherlands and Singapore.
    Together with Bouke Bouma, she is the managing director of the company. Apart from that, she is a
    trainer-consultant. She specializes in guiding individuals, teams and organizations in a state of transition
    or renewal. Jacqueline holds a degree in social and advanced education and she has sixteen years of
    management experience in the profit- and non-profit sector. Furthermore her interests lie in making
    spirituality practically applicable in business.
  • Bouke Bouma
    Managing partner

    ' Success is getting what you want....happyness is liking what you get!'

    Managing partner of Digne Consult. Bouke has long-time experience working at service-oriented
    organizations. He also provided motivational & proficiency training, process-guidance and managerial
    advice for TMI, a consultancy agency. Abroad Bouke expanded his knowledge and experience in areas of
    management, organizational development, HRD and education.
  • Ivo Boelens
    Trainer and Coach
  • Pien van Thiel
    Trainer and Coach

    “Attention for the individual and his/her personal growth potential.”

    Pien started out as a registered nurse with oncology and IC credentials. Through nursing she ended
    up in the pharmaceutical industry, in which she worked for 12 years at 3 different companies. She has
    taken several courses in (competence)management and marketing. Pien has been working as an
    independent trainer for 5 years now. Besides proficiency training she also provides training in
    communication, HRM-modules and sales. Vibrant, enthusiastic, loves her job, and also her private life!
  • Wendy Vos
    Trainer and Coach
  • Caroline Hoitink
  • Boudewijn Krijger
    Trainer en Coach

    "Wie zichzelf overwint, is machtig..."

    Boudewijn heeft een opleiding als trainer/coach bij de KNHB aangevuld met bedrijfskunde en
    recentelijk de leergang Thema Gecentreerde Interactie.
    Een stap vooruit... Dat is waar Boudewijn voor staat en gaat als adviseur, trainer en begeleider.
    Gefascineerd door verandering en commuicatie krijgt Boudewijn mensen, groepen en organisaties
    in beweging. Dit met een gezonde mix van duidelijkheid, lef en plezier.
  • Nanniek van der Wel
  • Bas Pijnappel
    Trainer and Coach
  • Roeland Bosch
    Developer of organisations and employees

Digne Consult Singapore

  • Frank Kuijsters
    Director Digne Consult Asia Pasific - Trainer en coach

    It is not what I say, it is what you do ..........

    Frank is responsible for Digne Consult Asia Pacific and is based in Singapore. He has worked over the
    last 25 years in several international and national training and consultancy companies in Europe and South
    East Asia. In addition to many years of line/people leader experience he consulted to both profit and
    non-profit organizations on organisational development, change management issues, career and executive
    coaching, outplacement and reintegration of the unemployed. His key passion is to give people insight in
    how they can take responsibility for their own future by focusing positively on their opportunities and
    capabilities. Initially Frank was educated as communication trainer and career coach. However, over
    recent years he has broadened his expertise to leadership, projectmanagement, change management, NLP,
    hypnotherapy and business coaching, studying in Netherlands, Germany, France, Malaysia, Singapore
    and Australia.
  • Suzan Grootscholter
    Senior-consultant, trainer en coach

    "You cannot expect more if you keep doing the same"

    Suzan has extensive experience as a HR generalist. Moving abroad with her family was her
    starting point to say goodbye to the "old work patterns” and to choose a different angle to what
    makes her happy in her career. Suzan strengthens our team in Singapore where she executes her
    ambitions in the area of training and coaching.

    With empathy and genuine interest in people, Suzan is able to motivate, inspire and help people
    achieve their personal goals. She is getting energized from empowering people and encourage
    them to find the right work-life balance. Her mantra is live the moment, be open and do not judge.
  • Consultant, trainer en coach

    "Bringing the best out of people"

    Han Ee's expertise is in the psychology of peak performance. This is underpinned by intelligence agility,
    mindfulness and a growth mindset. With over 17 years of experience in high performance and leadership
    domains, he has worked with a range of Athletes, Soldiers, Musicians and Business Leaders from
    Fortune 500 companies to public and non-profit organizations.
  • Joshua Ang
    Consultant - social media

    "Flexibility is the key to success, preparation is the key to flexibility"

    Joshua Ang comes from a marketing and service-related background
    He currently handles social media engagement and writes blogs and newsletters for Singapore
  • Sharon Connolly
    Trainer and Coach
  • Joyce Mei

    Joyce Mei works from Taipei in Taiwan. Joyce has successfully delivered coaching services in the form
    of Individual Coaching or Group Coaching, or a combination of both, based on client’s need in English and
    Maderin. She is particularly successful in the topics of Team Work, Leadership and Communication using
    coaching, which combines core concepts and skills from training and consulting and adopts a heuristic
    approach as its back-bone process. Joyce’s prior experiences include General Manager of Transamerica
    Direct Marketing Inc. of Taiwan (AEGON Group), General Manager of Vsource Inc., Director of Direct
    Marketing Department of American Life Insurance Co., Sr. Agency Manager of Aetna Life Insurance
    Company of Taiwan, and Administrator of Aetna Life and Casualty (Hartford, CT). She has studied and
    worked in the United States for 12 years. Joyce is an MBA from the State University of New York at
    Albany, New York. Prior to that, she graduated from National Taiwan University with a major in
    Economics. She is a certified associate coach by International Coach Federation (ICF).
  • Beng Khoon
    Trainer and Coach

    “It is in giving that we receive”

    Beng Khoon has acquired more than 20 years of deep management experiences in the logistics and
    travel & hospitality industries. He has played key leadership roles in large international organisations.
    He has garnered knowledge and experience in the functional areas of strategic planning, business
    development, sales & marketing and strategic account management. Beng Khoon was regularly
    involved in conducting in-house training for mid to senior level executives in courses like leadership,
    communication skills and team building. He has also presented papers at industry conferences and
    seminars in English and Mandarin. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts and MBA degrees from the
    National University of Singapore.

Besides our own team we have a network of professional trainers, coaches and advisers with whom we collaborate on a regular basis.

We are always on the lookout enthusiastic and energetic professionals that are interested in collaborating, sharing and growing!

We are looking forward to meet you in person! Call + 31(0)35 5318288 or email: info@digneconsult.com